Here at Elswith we’re kind of obsessed with hearts. This simple shape is universally symbolic of love and in turn happiness, the very sentiments we hope our homes to be filled with. Perhaps that’s what makes the heart shape so appealing for interior design.

Of course the love heart shape we are oh so familiar with strikes only a small resemblance to the physical organ and it is dubious as to where exactly its artistic origins lie. However, its use in popular culture is perhaps less modern than you might think.  In fact in its gently scalloped form the heart shape can be found in medieval art and manuscripts, and by the late 15th century it was featured on playing cards.

We have shamelessly embraced all things heart for our beautiful new range of wrought iron hooks and hangers. The cute heart shape contrasts with the coolness of the metal creating a range that is at once at home in the casual, cosy, country or contemporary interior.

Today the heart symbol is integral to our daily communication, having becoming synonymous with the word love and regularly used in its place, for example “I ♥ you”, “I ♥ NY”. And so it seems set to become even more ingrained in our everyday.

Used throughout your living space the heart motif can also offer a subtle theme that helps tie together your home décor.  Our collection includes hooks to be mounted on walls for space saving storage and a gorgeous door knocker to take pride of place at the entrance to your home. We also have a delightfully tactile wrought iron corkscrew with a heart shaped handle.  It looks great on the dinner table and makes a lovely gift.

We have also incorporated hearts into our range of serving platters, with heart shaped boards made from both bamboo and natural slate. These platters are just perfect for serving cheese and biscuits after dinner and will make a great present for any cheese lovers in your life. We love the pack of 12 slate heart tags. Made from natural slate they have a rope tie and are easily wipe-able. For a dinner party with a difference why not use them as a reusable place setting and write your guests name on in chalk.

Our love of hearts doesn’t end there either; we have chunky wicker hearts in 3 finishes, each hand woven and great for decorating this Christmastime, as well as heart shaped slate chalkboards to write notes and reminders for all the family.

Even our Elswith ‘wish list’ button is marked by a cute heart icon, and we’re hoping you’ll find lots of things you ♥ within our product range.