Functional, cleverly designed products to help your home feel special.

Our Living range features items designed to suit every room of the home. We know that life isn't perfect, when you can't see the floor because there are so many toys scattered everywhere a big wicker hamper is exactly what's needed, and we've got plenty to pick from.

When winter comes, there's nothing better than a night by the fire, so our selection of log baskets are designed to complement that colour palette, with darker unpeeled willow featuring in many. Of course, one of our luxurious British-made throws are a must-have.

We've completely fallen in love with wrought iron too, and our range of wrought iron products, from candlesticks to coathangers, make perfect additions to many rooms. We always think it's the products that you don't notice that are the best, the ones that just fit in and help paint an overall picture or complete a style, and there's plenty of those in the range.

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